Every year, around this time, I hunt again for a pair of denim trousers. I started the search a little early this year, as Fall is still far off in the distance (in my mind anyway). But Fall is usually when everyone comes out with their denim trousers, it seems.

Last year, I bought a pair from the Gap. The year before that, the Express. This year, however, I found the best pair to be at the Gap again. The call them simply, Curvy Denim Pants.

Why they have to re-style every year is beyond me, however, with these pants, I think they've made a good improvement. The front pockets are now merely small horizontal slits and they don't stick out at all. Try as they might with those slant pockets, they never hit my body right and stick out, thus making me look very wide in the hip area. (I've had these pockets sewn shut for the sake of vanity, not like I use them...)

I tried them on in the store during my much awaited/much anticipated shopping evening (more details later). However, they don't carry the ankle length in store. Luckily, they have it online and they checked availability for me, 91 pairs left. I think I'll buy 2, so I'll be ready next year. Also, I must add that I got some really great service, which doesn't happen a whole lot. Very refreshing.


Fabulously Broke said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll check them out

So far my favourites have been from Jacob, and I'm eying J. Crew's pair

Yvett said...

Hmm . . . you convinced me with "curvy". I have the hardest time finding pants than fit well. They're either loose on my waist and fine at the hips or fine at the waist and super tight at the hips. Oh, and I'm 5'1".
I'll have to check these out.

Auburn Kat said...

I'm going to have to try these...I've been searching for a pair with absolutely no luck for years...