My football widowdom, that is.

Actually it started last night as the first college game appeared on my TV, with my Hubby gladly sitting in front of it.

Tonight is another football game, Seahawks preseason. However, I managed to snag a free pair of tickets, so we're actually going to see it in person.

Tomorrow, however, will be spent back in front of the TV as our UW Huskies play their first game of the year. It's an away game. Otherwise, we'd be at the game since we're season tix holders.

I'm planning activities for myself to keep busy during this time of the year. At least we spend more time at home, which is better for the wallet. And since the weather is usually not so good during football season, I don't mind staying in. Images of cooking hearty dishes are flashing in my mind. I also imagine time being passed while reading books with a glass of wine. I can probably even go shopping without Hubby noticing.

Any other football widows out there? I feel your pain!

It's not *that* bad for me. I enjoy watching football games. But there's a limit to how much I can take. Hubby, on the other hand, will watch any game that's on TV. It's like an endurance sport for him. I know he's not the only one.

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Lys said...

Not a widow per se, but since I'm moving to such a sports centered town, I better learn to embrace all things football, etc. and get in the game. Doesn't help that my new crew is so sports obsessed, I'm sure I'll have a few days of mourning myself next year :)

Hang in there!