My family BBQ went great. You may remember I had a family BBQ on the day after the 4th of July. Well, this time it was my Mom's side of the family, which involves lots and lots of eating...Korean food. Which I love, because I can't make it myself. The weather also did not cooperate this time (What's the deal - two family bbq's, two crappy weather days). But it was nice enough to sit outside, until it started to rain. Last year we had my Mom's side of the family over and had an impromptu dart tournament (USA vs. Korea, Korea won). But since we set up the board on the outside of the house, we could not do it again this year. But the boys got their competitiveness out earlier on the golf course. The Americans won the golfing round. But now they're talking about golfing once a month. Uh oh....

Also, over the weekend, I bought a couple of houseplants. Our dracaena was getting really leggy and ugly. I think it must have been sick, so I put it out of its misery and replaced it with a nice low-maintenance snake plant. It's way shorter than it's predecessor, but I'm hoping it'll grow upwards. I also got another plant for my bathroom. The orchid I had earlier was too high-maintenance for me. It would bloom again for me. So this time, I got a ZZ plant, whose label said 'thrives on neglect'. Awesome!

Yesterday, after doing some light cleanup, I've spent almost an entire day alternating between reading blogs, loading music onto my iPod, and watching the Olympics.

Longtime readers will know of my Olympic Geekness. I could watch it all day long. I heart the Olympics. Can you believe the opening ceremonies?! They were amazing! I'm super super jealous of ljcfyi, as she's at the games blogging for her work. If anyone else is watching, what do you think of the air? Is it smoggy or is that weather-related? I think it's smog...and ewww.

As for the loading music on my iPod, if you remember I had a nasty virus attack my computer. Well, I had a backup of my iTunes library, but it wasn't enough. So I have to reload some of the music, but now that I have a bigger iPod (replaced my old mini), I can put the whole CD on. Before, I had to pick my favorite songs. So, it's going a bit slow. I had a lot of my music backed up on CD, and I thought I had all my music but apparently not. Gurrrrgh. There were a few songs that I bought from iTunes or got as free downloads, so a lil upset about that. Oh well. Not a huge loss.

Also, computer related, I had a backup of my system on an external hard drive. I scanned it, and it was free of virus. But decided not to use the backup, since I had backed up all my important things separately. I'm not sure what would happen to any current stuff were I to install the backup at this point? Has anyone ever done it? I am referring to the backup that is created using Windows' backup feature. I would REALLY hate to lose anything new I've done in the past month or so since we re-installed everything.

Holy Moley, I have a lot of CD's to get through....


Auburn Kat said...

I've been watching the Olympics like there is no tomorrow!!!!

marisol said...

Think of it as new way to discover music that you had forgotten about.