I'm pretty much finished fiddling with my iPod, for now. I got all my songs recovered - yay! - with the exception of one. I had previously mentioned that I thought I had all my music backed up, but I did not. But the songs were still on my iPod so I could still listen to them. But I needed to get copies of them onto my computer, and Apple doesn't make it easy to do to. Actually, I should say that they *don't* let you do it at all.

But out there in the Interwebs, people have posted their ways of doing this. And the one I used was one that was mentioned as one of the best: Yamipod.

It was a little tricky to get going, since it kept telling me that my iPod was not connected to my computer when it clearly was. So I would disconnect it and connect it, but then iTunes would launch and Yamipod cannot run at the same time.

But in the end, I got it to work and recovered all my songs. Then I backed them up, along with some of my photos and documents. I saved a bunch of money by not having to re-buy songs and now I can focus on filling up my iPod. It might take a while though because there's a lot of room left.

A note at Yamipod: It's a small operation that lives off donations. They give away their software for free. So I felt that I needed to donate a little because of the headache they saved me. THANK YOU YAMIPOD! Also, if you're going to use it, they do ask for donations when you leave the program. You've been warned.

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Auburn Kat said...

I'm debating about getting an iPod Nano..