We've spent so much on getting our house looking good - carpet cleaning, new blinds, new furnace & a/c - that I've been on somewhat of a shopping hiatus. Not like I've had the time, but still... Once I get to go shopping again, here are some things that I need (YES, need):

Underwear from Vicky's - at least I recently received a $10 Angels rewards card. Love their ultrasmooth panties.

Black pants and Brown pants - always in need of these...always

Blue polka dot silk dress from BR - OK, I'm not serious about this dress, but isn't it so cute? It's so ME! I love everything about it - the color, the cut, the DOTS. Except I don't really wear dresses all that much, seeing as I don't need to for work. *sigh*

Shorts - With all this hot weather, I realized that I only have one pair of shorts. Eddie Bauer's having their Ultimate Sale, so I'm hoping I'll get there before it's over.

Skirts - Can never have enough as far as I'm concerned. They're a great shorts alternative, seeing as I only have one pair of shorts.

This top from Old Navy - It's so great and perfect for work. Must visit in person.

Short trenchcoat - the one I have now isn't looking so good. It never did soften up and oftentimes the collar rubs on my face. It's khaki with brown makeup stains on the collar - not so awesome. I am currently wearing a cropped jean jacket, and it would be really nice to find a jacket that's a little more refined yet casual. Like a short denim trench, that could be good...if I could find it.

Cute Hoodie - My hoodies are all really sad and need to go. I would like to get one or two that are cute. Seeing lots of cute patterned one these days. And it'd be nice to have one to keep at the office for when the a/c makes it really cold inside.

A couple of other shopping-related tidbits:
Much anticipated Westfield Southcenter expansion is done and it will be opening next week. Finally, we get an H&M, as well as Coach, Banana Republic, and Sephora. Now there's no need to drive to Bellevue. Swoon!

Nordy's Anniversary Sale! Need I say more?


Lys said...

Some great shopping ideas, Ms. Michelle. Not that I'll enable (oh who am I kidding - get thee to Nordys!) Perhaps you might have better luck than I did :::sigh:::

wyn said...

I haven't worn shorts in years (outside of exercise) but caved this year when finding some that are "elegant" - like khaki-coloured tailored pants but shorts - and they are SO versatile with so many kinds of tops. I haven't found that ONE skirt style/colour that works with me. Maybe that would be the skirt version of my shorts!