It seems that every pet owner at some point needs to give their dog or cat medicine in the form of a pill.

While I try to sneak it into their food, sometimes my dogs are smart enough to avoid the not-so-tasty object in their bowl. In which case you must turn to other measures.

Some dogs and cats have no problems with you putting pills in their mouth, but most do, my dogs included.

To get around this, I usually make little balls of cream cheese and stuff the pill inside. The dogs are none the wiser and it's fairly cheap. The downfall, it's messy and not the fastest thing to do. And when I have other people take care of Bandit (which takes daily meds), it'd be nice to not burden them with this messy task.

Greenies has come out with Pill Pockets to solve this problem, for both cats and dogs, for both tablets and capsules. And they're giving out free samples. I'll give them a try, er, I'll let Bandit give them a try.


deanna said...

My dog constantly has an ear infection and skin problems. It gets worse when I board him, I end up paying for the boarding fee plus a vet visit and antibiotics. I tried wrapping the pills in lunch meat but he learned how to eat the meat and spit the pill out! I signed up for this free sample too, hopefully it fools him. He isn't a big fan of greenie's though so who knows! Dogs are so weird, but I love 'em! lol

Auburn Kat said...

I always hide the pills in tuna fish for my cats but they usually figure it out after they eat it one time.

Oh and I called my outing with my friend a "non-date" because we have been friends for 5+ years but I've always been with my ex. Now that I'm single, I have the hots for my friend big time but have no clue if he feels that way about me..so I call it a "non-date".