Hubby's totally hooked onto Vitamin Water. He's drinking them as a substitute to sodas. He claims that he's feeling better drinking them. At any rate, I've been drinking them, too. They have some pretty good flavors and it just seems a tad healthier. Whether they are, I'm not sure. But they have more nutrition in them than a soda at least.

And when you're done with the drink, you can fill the empty bottle with water and the water will taste like the Vitamin Water, albeit really diluted.

I haven't tried all the flavors, but I haven't met one I haven't liked. I really like Balance and XXX. Did you notice all the product placements in the Sex and the City movie? The XXX flavor has a blurb on the label referring to the movie, so it's no accident.

It's certainly not cheaper than soda, but they have a pack available at Costco that is a good value. They even have flavors we like. Costco has their own brand, but Hubby didn't care for it. So the genuine article, it is.


Lys said...

Isn't that the company that 50 Cent or some rapper owns a share of (or did)..
I haven't tried it yet but might give it a shot.

marisol said...

I heart Vitamin Water. It is pricey but Costco has it for cheap but when Longs or Rite Aid has them for a $1 each I stock up and get a great selection of flavors.

I really like the little comments that they have on the side. I like them all. A tip for you - I put mine in the freezer for like an hour and let it get into a slushie state. It is sooo yummy and last longer.

Lys - 50 Cent is referenced in the grape one but I am not sure if he is somehow involved with the company.

Anonymous said...

Just remember that the vitamin water serving size is 2 or 2.5 per bottle and there is a lot of sugar in them.