I'm going to go shopping soon...Tomorrow, to be exact. Yay! And one thing that'll help is a Macy's gift card. It's only $25, but I'll put it to good use. I got it as a reward for answering surveys at E-Rewards. To join, it's my invite only from the sponsors, and I got the invite from Macy's (either from being a credit card holder or because I have a profile set up).

At first I was a little skeptical, because their "rewards" weren't really that great. However, they give you credit even if you don't qualify for the survey. And it adds up. (So if you get an invite, I recommend you take it simply for that reason.) I had accumulated enough for a Macy's gift card, so I chose that as a reward. It came in the mail this week and it's perfect timing.

Southcenter's new expansion just opened. Nordy's is having a sale. Back to school sales. Oh yeah!

I have my shopping list ready...


Auburn Kat said...

I want to go shopping! I've been trying to cut back and haven't been for awhile...I'm going through withdrawal.

marisol said...

What's on your list? Have fun!

Michelle said...

The list:
Black Work Pants
Brown Work Pants
Casual pants
Capri pants
Summery skirt or skort
Cute Hoodie
Bra to go with my bridesmaid dress
Short trenchcoat
Short sleeve jackets
Denim Trousers
Camisoles to replace old ones

I know! Quite a list! Obviously, not going to find everything in one trip, but these are my areas of focus. I'm hoping to just find a couple of these things.