I've planted my container garden for 2008. I have an heirloom tomato, strawberries, basil, green onion, and red bell pepper. I just love watching the plants grow. The tomato has grown so much already, and the basil has already sent out seeds (which I removed, it's too early for that). The green onion has been recently planted from seed, so I'm hoping it's not too late.

Heirloom Tomato Plant - I don't know why, but I love the way tomato plants smell.

Strawberry plant - I really didn't want to plant strawberries, even though I love strawberries. The plants can get a bit hard to control, but I figured in a pot they won't have much place to go.

Red Bell Pepper (in front), Basil (in back), Green Onion (in ground, you can't see them) - last year I had a the tomato plant in the same pot as basil and green bell pepper. The bell pepper didn't do very well since the tomato plant got so large. So I bought a second pot and hopefully they'll have more room to grow. As for the basil, it's doing awesome and I'll have to find something to do with it quickly.


deanna said...

Your container garden looks great!!!! Can't wait to see the yummy food you make out of it!

Yvett said...

That's awesome! I wished I'd done that when store-bought tomatoes were a no-no.

Keep us updated!

Auburn Kat said...

Can I come over for dinner when you cook with them?