We're having a friend move in at the end of the month. He wanted to show a girl he's seeing the house he's moving to and found our house on Google Earth. He said it was really obvious because our patio is quite unique amongst our neighbors. I was like, what? Because the last pic I saw was an older one, so they obviously updated it.

It looks so much better now!



Can you spot all the changes?
1. New Patio
2. New (and healthier & green) lawn
3. Removed the laurel hedge on back fence
4. New Roof!
5. New planting strip in front
6. New Tree Ring
7. Hubby was home
8. New flagstone walkway in front (it's in the shade of the house)

I noticed that the new picture was taken in November 2007. It pretty much looks about the same, except we put new bark in the back planting strip.

What a difference! I think it's been about 3 years between photos.


Yvett said...

I love Google earth but I think finding ones own house is pretty creepy. Our old one had our car too.

Nice lawn!

Auburn Kat said...

Wow! You really have made a lot of improvements...it looks good!