I've been completely exhausted lately. This does not bode well for my sanity, but I've sure have gotten a lot accomplished in the past couple of weeks.

- Hubby and I organized the garage. He got help from my future bro-in-law and finished making a peg-board organizer, utilized the attic space above the garage by putting down plywood, and moving everything out of the garage and putting it back in its place. It took a whole day of concentrated effort. I helped by getting rid of stuff that was not wanted, sorted into three categories: Craigslist, Freecycle, and Goodwill. Most of it is gone and I made us a little bit of spending money. We can fit a car in the garage now! But we won't because it'll block access to other parts of the garage and we can't have that...

- Sold a bunch of stuff on eBay. Still selling stuff on eBay, though it's mainly my old rubber stamp collection from my crafting days. I haven't touched the stuff in years and it was time for it to go.

- Cleaned the carpets in my room and our spare room. The spare room didn't get the carpet cleaning treatment earlier, but it wasn't so bad. It's an easy job, but it just takes a while.

- Took a truckload of stuff to Goodwill. This felt so good, getting rid of things that weren't of use anymore. This wasn't a quick task. It took us a while to go through our things and set them aside. It was hard to say goodbye to some clothes, like suits and dresses. As humans, we tend to save things *just in case*. Well, if I need something, I'll buy it again or borrow. There's still more storage bins we have to go through, but we got most of the stuff out. And now we have more storage space in the garage we just cleaned out.

- Bought an under-bed Space Bag to store 2 of my comforters. It doesn't fit under the bed though. It does fit perfectly on floor of coat closet, so can put things on top of it. May get more to store bed linens that aren't being used. These things are awesome, though when I first saw them on TV, I laughed. Would be great for travel, me thinks.

- Installed new anti-virus software. I may have mentioned it earlier, but a nasty bug got our home computer and we had to reformat. We were running McAfee at the time and it was fooled. Afterward, we installed Trend Internet Security 2008, but it never acted right: disabled firewall, crashes during updates, stalls during scans. It was so frustrating having to babysit the software. I know it's a great program for a lot of people, but it didn't play nice with my computer. (At least is was a copy from work, and therefore free to me.) So I went out and bought Kasperky's Anti-Virus. So far so good. It installed just fine and hasn't acted weird, which is a plus already in comparison. It was pretty difficult to pick one, because it seems that each anti-virus software has its friends and enemies. All computers are different, and I guess you have to try different ones until you find one that works the best together.

- It wasn't all work, I did go golfing at Foster's last Saturday with Hubby, Dad, and one of his friends. It was my first time on the "real" golf course. Aquadel is nice, but the holes aren't very long. I had some good shots and some bad shots and did pretty bad, to an outside observer. But we had a really good time and I enjoyed riding around in the golf cart. All the other golfers there were having a good time as well and not taking things too seriously. Now I want to get some proper golf shoes and gloves, because my hands were sore for a while there. My skin is not used to it.

- During the whole purge, I found two pairs of boots that I've been meaning to take to the cobbler to be fixed. I dropped them off already.

- Took my rings in to get re-sized. I've been putting this one off, since they're not rings I wear everyday but I suppose I would if they were to fit.

- Took bag of clothes to the dry cleaners

- Dropped off roll of film that Hubby found in his old things. Has no idea what is on said film. Am a little scared.

Left to do:

- I want to get a new hamper. We have one in the hallway for used towels and it's kinda ugly. I'm thinking a wood one that is painted black, to match the black-framed black and white photography in the hallway.

- Little sewing projects: mend a sweater, sew a button back on my coat

- Shop! Shopping hiatus will soon be over, and I need to make time for it sometime next week.

- Move in the new roomie. Supposed to be happening this weekend.

- Buy a new plant and get rid of old one. We have a dracaena, but it's getting really large and leggy. Am thinking of replacing it with a large snake plant.

- Go paragliding! That's this Sunday! YAYAYAYAY!


Lys said...

Hot damn chica! You have been busy!

Auburn Kat said...

You have been busy! You made me miss doing work around my house!

marisol said...

Dang! I am tired just reading all that you have done. LOL