Due to less optimal weather conditions, we didn't go paragliding. Instead, we stayed in a blew stuff up playing Resident Evil on the Wii.

Over the weekend, I did a lot though! I got fitted for my bridesmaid dress. I pick that up in August. It really goes great with my shoes. Had lunch with my Sis-in-law and her girls at Olive Garden. I picked up the roll of film that Hubby found. Turns out it was from his Navy days and had pictures of when he went to the San Diego Zoo. So, lots of animals and that sort of thing. Mailed a bunch of stuff at the post office and lucky me, there was no line when I got there. Picked up my rings that I got sized, so now they fit. Yay! Resisted the urge to go to Nordy's Anniversary Sale.

Hubby fixed the cat door in the garage. By fixing, I mean taking out the panel and putting in a new one, as we have no cat or will ever. The previous owner cut a hole in the garage door panel. But with Dad's help, they were able to do it fairly quickly. And now we have to paint it.

One thing got me peeved though. We still hadn't gotten our mini-blinds and when we asked about it, they said there was a problem with the order. I guess on one of the blinds, the options were different from the others. They held off, which is fine with me. But we received no phone call or anything. WE had to call to see what was going on. Grrrr. Not happy, but good to know that they're on their way soon.

I slept like crap last night and am still tired. Going to Designed Dinners tonight to do more meal preparation. We're really liking this service. It takes the thinking out of making dinner, the food is good, and it's cheaper than going out.

Hubby reminded me that football season is almost here. I suppose this is when we get to relax...


Yvett said...

What is this "roll of film" thing you speak of?

Sorry about the paragliding. You've rescheduled, right?

Auburn Kat said...

I haven't been playing the Wii much lately...I need to start again!

Michelle said...

Ha ha! I mentioned the roll of film in a previous post. Hubby found it in his things during our organization weekend. He didn't know what was on it, and I was a lil scared, because I knew it was older than our relationship.

And yes, we've rescheduled for next Sunday. Forecast predicts better weather, but can't take much stock in it. It predicted good weather for last weekend, until it was Friday, then the forecast changed. grr.

marisol said...

I hate that customer service is so lacking so much of the time. Would it have been an issue for them to call you? I guess I have higher expectations.