It was a rare nice weather weekend. Hubby and I were going to go to the driving range and hit a couple buckets of golf balls, but it was a tad too warm and muggy for that. We ended up relaxing at home. Not too exciting. But we did have exciting plans in the morning to get our truck's emissions test done and renew our license tabs. They expired at the beginning of the month...oops!

But we made a morning out of it and went out to breakfast at a little place in Kent called Wild Wheat. After that we wandered over to Kent Station and caught an early showing of Indiana Jones. We both really enjoyed it.

Then we returned home where I took care of those little things that seem to pile up, but aren't super important to do when you first think about it. I scheduled a carpet cleaning appointment 9yay!). Did laundry. Took a nap. Read a little. Puttered around on the computer. Played with the dogs outside. Printed out my digital pictures. Scheduled a session at Designed Dinners. I'm doing that tonight. We're almost through all the food I made last time and the month is almost up. They have a new menu every month, and I wanted to get in before the month ends because there were some things that sounded really good. This whole pre-assembled meal thing is so handy and convenient. Hubby's looking into getting house-cleaning service. That would be really nice to have.

Since gas prices are so high, it's gotta be pretty important to get us to leave the house. But eventually Hubby developed a craving for ice cream sundaes, so we went to the grocery store around 9 PM that night to get supplies, as well as other groceries. At that hour of the night, the shopping is really easy. No annoying people to bug you or get in your way.

Yesterday, I went to a baby shower. It was actually a lot of fun and I even won one of the games. Anyone ever play the candy bar diaper game? That's the one I won, and I took many lucky guesses. My prize? A box of See's Candies. So fitting. The best part was watching everyone looking at the diapers. Priceless.


Marisol said...

I always get all mixed up with the candy bar diaper game. I thought I knew my chocolate but it turns out that I don't.

Have you seen Iron Man? That movie is so great.

Michelle said...

It was a little embarrassing. I don't really eat all that much candy!! Really!!

And no, I haven't seen Iron Man, but we probably will. I heard it's really good.

Auburn Kat said...

I need to get my butt out and play some golf!

Anonymous said...

A house cleaning service? Wow, must be nice! Can't believe my brother would spend money on that. Justin is out of work ya know ;)