So late in posting about this, but now I've got time to share a little about my trips to Canada and Albuquerque.

First was my trip to Cultus Lake, BC, Canada with my Mom. It was just us girls and we had a great time relaxing and seeing things. My parents have a cabin at Lindell Beach Holiday Resort. We hiked the Teapot Hill Lookout Trail, which was difficult but beautiful. The forest was so lush and the trees were dripping with moss. At the top, you have an awesome view of the lake. We also spent a day at Minter Gardens. I got a lot of gardening ideas here and love their use of hostas.

After the gardens, we went to Bridal Trail Falls. There was a lot of water so it was especially spectacular. The trail was really short compared to the previous day's hike. But the scenery along the way was quite the same with the great dripping moss and clean air.

It's to be noted that both trails end up at the falls and it didn't take 15 minutes. Also, we didn't see any bears, thank goodness.

Bridal Veil falls. This is the best photo that turned out. It was so white that it was hard to photograph it.

So, most of the time Mom and I went on walks, took long breakfasts and chatted, read, soaked in the hot tub, read, and driving around. I managed to take my Mom to a local winery- Columbia Valley Classics winery. They specialize in fruit wines made from the organic fruits grown on site. In the Summer, they sell their fruits as well. After much debate, I purchased 2 bottles of their "Royal Velvet", which is a raspberry & red currant wine. Even my mom enjoyed it, and we had it with our dinner that night. (I would link to the winery web-site, but it looks undeveloped and says nothing about their winery or farm.) Another notable place we visited was the Great Blue Heron Reserve. While we didn't get to see any blue herons up close, we saw many of them flying overhead. At the time of our visit, it was nesting season and we were not able to walk the whole loop since they closed it. But we did get to see many different birds. Mom is an avid "birder" and she had her binoculars, so we were able to see the herons in their nests in the trees. They were also really loud as the communicated with each other.

After returning home, I had a day off before heading out to Albuquerque. Hubby and I were really looking to visiting my friends in their house they just bought, as well as some sunshine. Shortly after arriving, we headed out on a road trip to the "boot heel" of New Mexico to visit my hosts family. We made our mandatory stop at Sonic in the town of Truth or Consequences. (Here's the story behind the name.) The landscape is so beautiful in this part of the country. It's such a dramatic difference from where I live, and with 75 mph speed limits, everything goes by quickly. We drove into the mountains to the Coronado National Forest. We crossed over into Arizona for a little bit, Hubby's first time in AZ. The scenery was spectacular here.

This sign made us laugh. We didn't encounter much of anyone over here.

And to end, a beautiful New Mexico sunset. After the sun went down completely and it got dark, the stars came out in full effect. Being so far from any city lights, it was a stargazer's paradise.

We had a great time in New Mexico. We were able to catch up with our friends and get some sun. It was really hot though, with temps in the 100's. It was hard to leave, due to the long flight ahead of us. We had flown on mileage, but had to fly to Houston and then to Seattle. Who knew there was only one airline that went direct from Seattle to ABQ? (Southwest). But, I had got us first class tickets for the return flight, so it wasn't so bad. And we even got dinner, which was quite edible. Even better, we even got ice cream sundaes.

Now we're deciding what to do for a long weekend in August. Hubby surprised me by taking some days off in August. Since we had no Summer trips to look forward to, Hubby decided that we should do something else. Because our trip to Mexico in January is just too long away. And I heartily agree.


Lys said...

The photos are gorgeous!!! I'm glad to hear you had a good time away. What are your choices for a long weekend trip?

Lesli said...

These are awesome, gorgeous pictures--thanks for sharing.

Auburn Kat said...

Wow! That is absolutely beautiful!