I wasn't much of a red wine fan, though there are a few that I do like. I steer more towards the whites and in the Summer, a pinot grigio is very refreshing. But I was reminded recently of another wine that I love - Rose, pronounced "row-zay".

It seems that pink wines just have a bad reputation. Must be because of all that inexpensive white zinfandel (which, incidentally, is one of the most often ordered wine in restaurants - but admitted by few). But roses are great table wines. You can't get too serious about a pink wine, can you? It's for those casual evenings. When I saw it on the menu at a local Italian eatery, I wanted it right away. And it went very well with my creamy pesto on penne.

The wine that I was drinking is called Rose the Riveter, in the Working Girl Wines collection by Olympic Cellars Winery. This awesome winery is owned by women and also in my neck of the woods. Well, sorta. There's a ferry ride or long car drive involved, but still...They even have a blog!

Why mess around making cocktails, when everything I'd want is in a single bottle of wine? Besides, my wine glasses don't nearly get the workout they deserve. Don't get me wrong, I love me cocktails. But it seems when I make them at home myself, they just don't taste as good as in a restaurant. Wine is easy in comparison.

Happy first day of Summer everyone!


deanna said...

Oooh I'm going to have to try that! I'm always looking for new wines!

Marisol said...

I love me some wine. Yes, I am wino. LOL

This may not be very fancy but what I like to do with white wine is put some frozen berries in the glass or some mineral water & Ice to make it a sparkling wine. Yummy and so refreshing!

Lys said...

I'm so sad that I have this wine fridge I got for Xmas and I RARELY use it. This post inspired me to crack open a bottle. And my wine glasses are desperately in need of a workout *LOL*