I am so excited about the new exhibit opening today at the Seattle Art Museum - Inspiring Impressionism: The Impressionists and the Art of the Past. It's one of those unofficial resolutions to get to the museum more often. I love art. I may not understand it, but I do enjoy looking at pretty things. Who doesn't?

The last time there was an Impressionists exhibit I was in my early college years and I was not interested in such things. Getting Downtown was hard enough. I didn't go then, but I really want to go now.

The next First Thursday happens to be July 3rd, and I might just be able to make it then. It's free admission on the first Thursday of every month. And free is my favorite price.


Lys said...

Sounds like a good idea! Free is even better!

Auburn Kat said...

I really do enjoy going to musuems. It's amazing seeing how people can create things!