I was looking at the calendar and my checkbook, and I realized one great thing about this month of June.

I get an extra paycheck.

It happens twice a year just because of where the paydates land, and when it does, I feel a little more flush with cash. Well, a little at least. This year it happens to coincide with our vacation, and Hubby doesn't get paid vacation. (He's in a union and all his vacation is paid into a bank account in his name. He can take the money out when he wants. The deposit is based on hours worked and is on a delay, meaning this month's deposit was for vacation pay accrued last month or the month before - I forget. It's also supposed to be a fund for him to draw from in the event of a strike, which also happened recently. But it was right before we left on vacay, so it worked out.)

Anyway.... You might wonder what I'm going to spend my extra money on? I can't say I'm going to splurge, even though that would be the fun thing to do. We're in the same boat as everyone else and need to keep a diligent eye on our spending as prices for everything is going up. So here's my purchases, planned and already completed:

- Put a little into my Roth IRA. Help me make my goal of maxing the contribution limit for 2008.

- Bought this electric shaving kit. I'm hoping it works good! Shaving the bikini line sucks. Period.

- Going to Costco soon to stock up on boring home essentials. It's a long overdue trip.

- Hopefully find a large plastic pot at Costco. They had them last year and made great containers for my tomatoes.

- Buy vegetable starts. I want to do heirloom tomatoes and basil. Not sure what else, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

- I want another Microplane grater and a pastry blender, because I'm also flush with BB&B coupons.


Fabulously Broke said...

For me, I get a third paycheque in May and Oct :D

Auburn Kat said...

I have never been to a Costco before and really want to go!

Marisol said...

You are too good. I would splurge it away.

Get yourself a lil something like a nice lipgloss or a mani/pedi. You deserve it!

P.S. I am an enabler.