This is one of the things I wished philosophy would do. Add sunscreen to their wonderful Hope in a Jar.

And now they have.

Not that I need sunscreen right now, my needs are fulfilled with their tinted Shelter. But this will be up for consideration once I run out of my regular Hope in a Jar.

In addition to this new product and the previously mentioned new products, they have come out with even MORE great things.

Foaming Purity Cleanser - The lack of foaming of the regular Purity never bothered me, so I won't be clamoring to buy this. But I wouldn't mind a sample...

Green Apple Shower Gel
- It's one of my absolute FAVORITE scents. The other new scents were difficult to resist, but this may prove irresistable.


Princess Kitten said...

Awesome! I will definately try the HIAJ with Sunscreen and I too LOVE Green Apple!!

marisol said...

I have heard so many good things about Hope in a Jar but I always forget to check it out. Glad that more companies are adding SPF to their products.

Lys said...

I'm going to be picking up the Hope in a Jar and the Foaming Purity - love love love it!!!