Yesterday, I talked about Hope in a Jar with sunscreen. Well, up here in the Pacific Northwest, we're anticipating a stretch of hot weather. That means most everyone will be outside to enjoy this rare event. A lots of us have skin that is ill-prepared for the onslaught of sunlight.

During my last trip to Mexico, I had bought a can of Coppertone Sport Continuous spray. I worked great while on that trip and my bottle is now almost empty. So I bought some more. It's so great because there's no rubbing required, unless you really want to make sure it's on good, and the can sprays upside down. It makes it so much easier to spray your back. You can also spray it in your hair to protect your scalp. You can't exactly do that with lotions, can you?

Initially, I bought the SPF 70, but for my re-order I bought the 2 pack that they have at drugstore.com and it's only SPF 30. I don't notice a huge difference myself, so 30 will be just fine. Also, I should mention that I didn't use this on my face - only for my body. For my face, I used Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Drytouch sunblock, which worked really well for me - though the white lotion made me look a little paler until it got completely rubbed into my skin. That is why I don't use it as my everyday facial sunscreen.

Here's to preventing the dreaded sunburn!


deanna said...

I remember reading somewhere that anything higher than SPF 30 doesn't really matter so you should be good! :)

Lys said...

Ooh - good to know Deanna!

Michelle - so this stuff is pretty decent? I'm looking for a good sunscreen to pick up. I wonder if they make them travel size or I should just buy a bottle and sacrifice it to the airplane gods when I'm flying back from Philly. I'm hoping to make a quick trip to the shore while I'm there next month.