Now that Hubby's got a new contract, I can actually shop again. Or should I say, buy stuff again...

I'm totally obsessed with this skort from Eddie Bauer, called the UPF Performance skort. Yes, it's a skort. And yes, I love them. I love the fact that my thighs don't rub and makes wearing skirts a whole lot more comfortable, no hose required! It also comes in other colors, but this print is so happy and sunshine-y.

I'm also loving this Summer dress from Vicky's.

And what says Summer like madras? Love this madras skirt from Ann Taylor Loft.

Over the weekend, I was looking for a particular pair of sandals. I knew I didn't give them away, but I couldn't find them with my other Summer things. Eventually, I did find them stored under my bed, but before I did, I was thinking that I could use another pair of brown leather sandals. I have my eye on these ones by Dansko, since they look classic, comfy and would last a very long time.

Speaking of sandals, I read an article about flip-flops. Notably, that they should be replaced periodically when the get worn down. Any excuse to buy more shoes... Love these ones by Ed Hardy, however I love the plain ones at Old Navy - they're a bargain.


Auburn Kat said...

My favorite flip flops are teva's, I am constantly wearing mine!

Marisol said...

The dress is uber cute and the flip flops are pretty cool. I am going to check that site out.

wyn said...

I'm lovin' what you're lovin' for summer: the summer dress from VS and the madras. I don't wear shorts but I LOVE the madras "pattern". The Dansko sandals are also so hot - your feet will last all day in that comfy brand. Happy shopping, er, buying stuff again. :)