When I first heard about these - seeing an ad on TV - I was a little skeptical. I mean, isn't it a little excessive with the packaging? Is that necessary? Then I read about them in an article in the paper that changed my thinking.

If you're not a prune fan, then these aren't going to taste any better to you. However, if you do like them, then you'll really like these. Not only do they taste better and are more moist, the excessive packaging prevents one of my peeves about prunes - sticky fingers. Also, it's great for portion control.

I think I will buy these again. Because, it got me to eat prunes, er...pitted dried plums, again.

Sunsweet Ones - Individually Wrapped Dried Plums


Lys said...

I love plums, just prunes - they have that whole "rep". If you say they are good, I'll take your word on it and give 'em a shot.

Auburn Kat said...

Umm, I'm definitely not a fan of prunes! I think I'll have to pass! =)