It came, it saw, it's leaving... The heat. All of Summer compressed into a weekend. At least, it will return next weekend in the form of a rare, beautiful holiday weekend. Somehow, around here, when a holiday rolls around, it brings clouds and rain.

We spent the gorgeous weather hanging out with friends, watching a friend graduate from massage school, BBQ-ing, doing yard work, and running errands. The running errands part was done during the hottest part of the day on Saturday, as we found refuge of A/C in local stores. A productive weekend, yet we enjoyed ourselves as well. I finally got to weeding my back garden. It's not done, but I'm thinking next weekend we can knock it out.

My Red Cordylines didn't make it through the Winter as I was hoping. (Must have have been too cold or wet.) It was to be expected though. I replaced the ones in front with New Zealand Flax - they look similar, but are a perennial (or so it says, we'll have to see). I need to buy more of these for the back garden as well. Along with some beauty bark, that should be it for the back garden. Should....

With this hot weather (it got over 90 at our house), we learned that we could, indeed, survive in our home without air conditioning. Yes, we did have to leave the house in the midday sun, but we could have stayed. We opened every window in the house, the back sliding doors, turned on our two ceiling fans and dressed lightly. We're fortunate that our house is rambler that sits in the afternoon shade of our neighbor's two-story house, and that our bedroom is on that side as well. Also fortunate to have a ceiling fan right over our bed, with Kenai loved. He had a hard time with this weather, having a heavy fur coat and all. Both of our dogs had light appetites over the weekend, at least when it came to their kibble.

3 more days of clouds and rain are in the forecast, which is difficult to believe. Because right now it's sunshine and warm. But at least it's coming back.

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Auburn Kat said...

It's been awful here! We even had flurries today!