Even though Hubby is very much averse to spending money on home decor, when I get my yearly bonus he seems to lighten up about it.

This year, my focus is on window treatments. I think it helped that some friends of his had bought mini-blinds from Home Depot, and that they weren't as much as he thought they would be. So, it wasn't too difficult to get him happy about the purchase. He even did all the measuring for me.

It was a really easy purchase experience, though there were far more choices than I expected. Who knew there were so many more options than color? I love the look of wood blinds with their wide slats, but I wanted white. This was no problem and we went with Levelor's faux wood blinds with the "Lightmaster" option, pretty much meaning no holes where the strings loop through. They have notches on the sides instead. The blinds didn't cost that much as far as window treatments go and were even on the sale. They'll be delivered right to our front door for free. Needless to say, I'm pretty excited about our purchase. We just have to wait a couple weeks.

After this experience, I've hinted that other windows need new blinds as well. We have a couple windows in rooms that don't see much use, like our office and spare room, that have plastic mini-blinds. *shudder* Not only are they cheap and hideous, but they're ridiculously hard to clean. I should also mention, they're sagging as well. There are mini-blinds in our kitchen that are missing their valances. While the blinds themselves are in good shape, it would be nice for them to match the other blinds. And Hubby seems to be keen on this idea. (And no, we did not put them in, they came with the house.)

While on the subject of mini-blinds, we have cellular shades on our front windows. They're white on the outside and this strange green/teal color on the inside. I don't care much for the green as it's pretty bright. But the shades themselves are really nice since they block the windows well, thus preventing people from looking inside our living room. They still allow light to come in as well, albeit softened. And while it would be nice to have mini-blinds, I'm afraid they would get ruined by our dogs. They know how to nose the shades out of the way. In turn, they've gotten them quite dirty, but just on one corner. I'm thinking I could paint them with fabric paint to a color that's less bright. I'm still debating. We don't want curtains, but we're not sure what would be best. I'll keep you posted....if I ever decide what to do.

But for now...waiting for mini-blinds!

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