That's ME! Yes, it some ways I am the most clumsy person. But a while back, the target of my klutziness was my car. I claim the pillar in the parking garage attacked my car, but no one else was buying it. It mostly amounted to a bunch of scratches and slight denting, more cosmetic than anything else. But still, it was my baby and I felt awful about it. I was so scared to tell Hubby about it, but when he noticed he just rolled his eyes.

Recently, I went to the dealership to get my car's 90,000 mile service. I can't believe how quick the miles pile on, but we have been driving my car everywhere while the truck keeps the driveway warm. It only needed some belts and chains replaced and they told me I needed to get my brakes done (but I'm going elsewhere for that). While I was there, I remembered about the scratches and bought some touch-up paint. The color: Silver Stream Opalescent.

When the weather's nice, I'll try my hand at car painting.

On a related note, someone else's klutziness resulted in the messing up of my back-up light cover. I'm more upset about this, since I had just noticed it and I didn't do it. There's some ORANGE paint around the hole. This was done by an outsider and they left no note. Some people are so inconsiderate and rude!!! This is an expensive fix since you have to replace the whole damn light. So, for now I'll go with ghetto and use some tape to prevent water from getting in. grrrrrrr!

While on the subject of my car...I talked about how I was going to spend our windfall - the stimulus check. Well, I forgot to mention that a good chunk of that money was already spoken to pay for my car's needed service. In addition to the stuff we had them do, I needed to still get my brakes done. And quickly. Apparently, I had a stuck caliper which was making the brakes wear a whole lot faster, but only on one side. It doesn't matter that it's on one side though, because you need to service the pair. Which is what I did. It was also at half the price of the dealer's quote, but still a lot. Needless to say, I'm glad we got the stimulus check because it's making the price of all this car work a little bit easier to swallow.

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