I could use another day off...ugh

But we did get a lot accomplished over the weekend, as well as spending time with friends. We worked on the yard getting the weeds sprayed and spreading out beauty bark. The lawn is mowed and things are looking really good. Now we just have to wait for the weeds to die. It barely looks like we did anything, but we worked on it for almost a whole day. Will post pic soon. It's amazing how fast plants can grow in just one year. I did have to put a tomato cage around one of my euonymous plants because the dogs messed it up.

Took my Kenai for a walk to the lake in our neighborhood. It amazes me how little we go to the lake that is available to us. Hubby didn't want the dogs to go in the yard with all the chemicals so we had to take them out ourselves. It was a beautiful early evening though, and really nice to get out.

Sis-in-law and I are working through season 6 of Sex in the City. We've got 3 more discs to go! We tried to get through all of them before the movie, but it looks like that won't happen. Oh well... not like we're going on opening weekend or anything...

Did a little shopping - bought silver peep-toe slingbacks to go with the bridesmaid dress as well as Spanx footless pantyhose (from Nordy's Rack). The shoes are Audrey Brooke (one DSW's house labels) and they were on the clearance rack - I ended up paying $34, including tax. Score! And they're actually not uncomfortable, at all!

Now, back to my [short] work week.

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