Today's forecast calls for sun and high temps, above 90 even. Witness as full-grown adults act crazy as they get drunk on sunshine.

I, hopefully, will be among them.

Already, I have pulled out my Summer clothes out of storage and started weeding through items that I probably would not wear. I'm a little scared to try on things that fit last year, in fear that they won't any more. But it was nice to see some old friends, my pairs of strappy sandals. They will surely fit, so no worries there.

BBQ's are also in the forecast, along with a large dose of relaxation and basking in the warmth of the sun's rays. Perhaps an outdoor lunch is in order.


Yvett said...

It's sort of the opposite here. We go crazy when we get a cool or rainy day. Forget snow, the whole city stops.

Enjoy the warm weather!

Lys said...

Florida weather is eeehhh - same ol' same ol'..

wyn said...

It's so sad that it's been miserable so far and and there's just TWO sunny days this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It's a long weekend up here and Monday looks not so good. I aim to be out tonight and soaking up summer-like sun!

Auburn Kat said...

The weather here has been cold! Send some sun and warmth this way please!