As expected, we received our Economic Stimulus deposit today. Since we do the direct deposit on our tax refund checks, the stimulus payment was also direct deposited. And we got ours earlier than people who get a check mailed to them. Man, I love technology.

Now I have some bills to pay.

Actually, we were able to pay off one of our major bills already. And while I'd love to go out and buy jewelry and handbags, a threat is looming. Hubby's in a union and there's talk of striking. They vote on our their contract every 3 years, and at the end of this month, they'll be voting on the contract. But then again, there's talk of striking *every* time, so we're unsure if it's for real this time. At any rate, Hubby wants to sit on the money for now, just in case. It's easier to do so since we don't have any pressing debts that need to be paid.

I even made a list. Here's the basic version.

Truck Loan - 4.74% APR
Home Equity Line of Credit - 6.2% APR (this one irks most, since the rate is variable and has the highest balance. But at least the interest is tax deductible. We are looking into refinancing this one into a fixed rate soon anyway.)
Mortgage - 6% APR (also looking to refi soon as well, but this rate is fixed)
Credit Card - 0% APR since we pay the balance off every month
Student Loan - 3.25% APR
Best Buy - 0% - we owe on our washer, but it was purchased on a 18 months same as cash.

So, as you can see, we're not paying much in interest and most of our debt is tied to fixed assets - house & car.

So boring just to sit on money, but it's what we're going to do for now. *sigh* Being responsible can be so dull...

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