UPDATE: In July 2009, Ciao was merged with Microsoft's Bing service and pretty much is not operating as it was in the US. The UK site is still going, but in order to contribute you have to have a UK-based bank account. It was interesting while it lasted (there were some crazy members!) and I made a little bit of coffee money, but I will miss it a little.

In my free time, I do online surveys for Greenfield Online or SurveySavvy. Greenfield always has surveys available, but I usually only choose to do the ones that pay something. SurveySavvy emails me when they have a survey that fits my profile, and they always pay a little (though, I can go a while between surveys).

Greenfield is affiliated somehow with Ciao!, which appears to be building itself as an online community where people give their opinions on a variety of products and online stores. I think they started in the UK.

After signing up (for free), you can start writing your reviews. You get paid for writing the review, and then you get paid for every helpful rating you receive. They also have an affiliate program, and that's where my referral link below comes in. You get paid for referring friends. Don't worry, this is the last you'll hear about it from me.

I *just* joined, so I can't say much about my experience. So far, I've written one review (for Amazon.com) and have already received my bonus and some helpful votes. I think right now they're giving an extra bonus on some of the reviews. After you accumulate $5, you can request your payment - and they can pay through PayPal. This is going to be my new "kill off time" activity. It will be easy, because I like to write and can form an opinion about almost anything.

If you're interested in joining yourself, please click on my link below and help a gal out. All of my survey proceeds go into my offshore emergency fund. Ha ha! Actually, it's at ING Direct. So, it's beyond offshore - it's not even on Earth! :P

Get PAID for giving your opinion at Ciao!

UPDATE: I'm already up to $7 in no time. I requested my payment already, but it appears that they do one bulk payout a month. So, I'll let you know if I actually get paid. Also...right now they pay $1 per review as a promotion, so, write now and it can add up!

UPDATE 11/08: The $1 promo is over and they are now paying 25 cents per review. So, in order to maximize earnings, the review better be good so it gets the best ratings. And they actually do pay out, I've received some payments already. It's for real.

UPDATE: 12/08: The 25 cents per review is also over. I knew it would end sometime. So it's now the standard rate of mere pennies. They do have a lot more topics to write about, however, and they've introduced the Premium Fund. It's a monthly payout that goes to the best writers. I'm not thinking I'll get a piece of it since there are so many good writers on the site and I don't have the time to really commit to writing a really good review or piece. They also have a Topic of the Month, where the best two writers get a small prize ($10 and $5, respectively).

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