After filling up the tank our rarely used truck, I saw this on the news.

I immediately freaked out because that was where we went only a day before. But we had gotten home OK. Was it because Hubby pumped the mid-grade gas? Most people go for the regular stuff. Perhaps it hadn't gone through the system yet, and problems were yet to come. We were both a little upset.

We had spent over $100 to fill up the tank. I was wondering what was taking so long for him to fill up. I guess there's a limit of $75 per fill-up, either by our credit card or by the Safeway Club Card (good thing we had a 10-cent off/gallon discount...). So he had to go through the process again to fill the tank. It was another $38 after that.

I called yesterday to get more information. We had filled up on Saturday. But the bad gas was delivered on Sunday. So we weren't affected. But it's still really upsetting to think that we could have possibly not purchased gas after spending so much.

It's too bad it's another thing we have to worry about when gassing up our cars.


jae said...

Yeah, I heard about that all the way down here. I thought they said that Shell (?) was going to pay to have the effected cars fixed. Geez, we have to give hundreds to gas up then they crap out our cars? I'm glad you didn't get the bad gas. ~j

Auburn Kat said...

I am so thankful I have a car that gets good gas mileage! I don't know how some people can afford it!

Michelle said...

Me too! I have a Corolla AND I ride the train. At least the truck doesn't get driven hardly at all, thanks to Hubby's work vehicle. Though, there's always a chance that could come to an end. Here's hoping to it NOT coming to that.

Lys said...

Public transportation in Orlando is there but it's shaky (the Rat doesn't want tourists to think *gasp* we take buses around town - the horror) and driving is a @*@#&&#@. Right now it's at 3.75 a gallon and that's IF I go to costco. I've become a bit more conscientious about how and where I drive. In Philly it's higher. Grrrr.