Over the weekend, I went shopping for a bridesmaid dress. I may have mentioned my sis-in-law is getting married in an oh-no-unconventional and fun wedding. As my title says, I have never been a bridesmaid and I'm looking forward to being one. And the dress shopping is what I was looking forward to the most. Oh, and wearing it. Here's is what I am getting:

But I had to order it because they didn't have it in my size in this color, periwinkle. Which is fine with me, there's plenty of time. It shows more cleavage than I am used to, but for the casual observer it's not so much. The dress should arrive in July where I will be fitted and get it altered. The only thing it needs right now is a hemming, it's touching the floor...even with shoes. I'm so short!

Speaking of shoes, now I get to shop for them. I need to keep the heel low, like 2" max, because I will be walking with a short groomsman. I'm thinking something in silver. Doubly nice if I could incorporate them into my wardrobe. These are really cute:

Unlisted "All for One" in silver - elegant, fun, and the price is right. Might be a tad tall though.

I also like these ones and these ones by Chinese Laundry. These ones and these ones would look good, too. But it really comes down to do they fit and can I wear them? So, I'll need to try them on in the store. At least it'll be fun.

As for jewelry, I'm already taken care of in that department. I have a tanzanite jewelry set in white gold that will go great with the dress. So, yay there.

Now, on to planning the bridal shower....


Auburn Kat said...

I've always been a bridesmaid and never a bride...someday!

Princess Kitten said...

I think it turned out rather well. Even with Emma being so picky! She is my niece, that's for sure! The dress looks REALLY good on you :) Can't wait to see it with a beehive! Thank you again for being in my wedding! I am so excited to have you :)

wyn said...

Love the second pair from Chinese Laundry and the pair you chose to picture with your blog. Personally have a grudge with the slip-ons because my dress or pants will *always* slip between my heel and the shoe - grrrrr.