Courtesy of the US Government!

This is not a new thing, as many of you know. But I've finally looked into the details of the whole thing. Most notably, the schedule of how the payments will be going out.

Stimulus Payment Schedule for Tax Returns Processed by April 15

I am SO glad that they're doing direct deposit of the tax rebates. Not only is this safer for my money, but a whole lot faster. Unfortunately, we are not in the first phase of the deposits. Oh well. We can wait a week.

What will we be spending it on?

We're expecting a $1200 rebate. So we could get this, this, or this. Hubby would probably want this.

But instead we're going to be boring, and pay da bills. Which is exactly what they DON'T want us to do, but we can't be spending it frivolously. Actually, it's more of a "they need us to spend" in order for the economic stimulus to work. But honestly, I don't care. I have bills. They need to be paid. Just because the gov't got into this mess themselves does not mean I need to help them get out of it.


How are my fellow citizens going to spend their upcoming government gift?

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Duchess said...

I want to buy a Coach purse. Yep I feel if the President wants me to shop who am I to complain??