Finally, after almost a year of buying them, Hubby and I put up our "new" curtains in the master bedroom.

You probably don't remember. It was part of my master redecorating phase last year. I had bought two dupioni silk panels in gold from Linens N Things, along with new black curtain rod and holdbacks. We replaced the basic finals with the acorn finials, though we think they look more like pineapples.

And I have to say, they look really great. They don't touch the ground anymore and despite the light color, they do a great job of blocking the light. They're heavier than I had remembered, since they're lined. I hadn't even ironed them or anything, and the folding lines are almost out completely. I'm quite impressed. The only finishing thing we have to do is to fill in the holes from the previous curtain hardware.

Must post picture later.

It also got us thinking about a couple other projects to complete the room. We have a large bamboo shade that operates as a backdrop behind our bed. Hubby would like to stencil on some kanji in gold. Sounds like a great summer project, it would be easy to bring the shade outside. Not sure what kanji we would put on it, but I think it'd be funny to do something a little naughty. Like a little inside joke.

And also, I'd like to get some different art pieces for the wall. I have a couple of pieces there now, but they're kinda small for the space. There's an artist at the Pike Place Market that I saw a while back, who does some amazing Japanese watercolors. I need to see if he's still up there though...

Until then, there's always something else to do - decorating-wise.


Lys said...

Oh you must post pics :) I've got curtains to hang up in the living room AND bedroom but I've been lazy. Now that I'm planning on moving in Feb., I wonder - should I even hang them up?

Yvett said...

Yeah, it's ALWAY something. I remember when you were decoraing because I really liked your bathroom. Do post pictures, though!