I haven't done it in a while. Shopped for myself. But, my birthday is coming up, and my inbox - virtual and otherwise - is getting flooded with birthday discounts and freebies.

One, in particular, led me to action - Sephora. They give you a free vanilla cupcake shower gel. So sweet! After browsing for a while, I decided to pick up one practical item and one splurge. Originally, I went to the Downtown Seattle store, but it was so packed and I hated getting bugged by the employees. I just wanted to shop in peace, so I went home and shopped online.

Practical Item: Philosophy's Best of Sephora Set - It pretty much contains stuff I would definitely use. I use the purity cleanser and hope in a jar moisturizer every day. And as far as lotions are concerned, I can never have enough.

Splurge Item: Benefit BADgal mascara - I've heard so many good things about Benefit and this mascara. I love how Benefit packages their products, and I've so many times resisted. But I figured it was time to indulge myself, as I've been wanting to try this mascara for a long time.

By the time I get it, however, my birthday will have passed. But oh well.

***for the record, it's on the 9th. You'll be hearing more about it during the week.

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Lys said...

I'm becoming a Benefit convert again. I got my paws on a few Benefit goodies during my travels and oh. my. holy. hell - love that stuff.

Happy early birthday and you definitely need to treat yourself a bit more :)