I forgot to mention before. Last week, Hubby had to appear for jury duty. He had already postponed it once, and with King County, you can only do that one time. He was a little worried about it, since he didn't want to miss much work, but he did want to participate. It afforded us the opportunity, however, to commute together on the train, because the courthouse he had to go to is in downtown Seattle.

Not only that, but they got incredibly long hour and a half lunch breaks. So we also got to enjoy lunch together as well, which is a rare event for us.

This only lasted for two days though, because he wasn't selected for a jury. He said there was a lot of sitting around and waiting. He took my advice about bringing a book, and for that he was grateful.

He enjoyed the experience as much as he could. He loved riding the Sounder train and was glad to see that it was nearly full of commuters. I told him not to spend his $10 jury pay in one place.

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