My friend Jenny from Albuquerque came up to visit for the weekend. It was mostly so she could visit her family, but I did have a chance to have some Jenny time. We even planned for Hubby and I to visit her sometime in June! I'm so glad to have a friend like her. Despite the distance and the fact that we don't communicate all the time, we're still really good friends.

We had a girls' overnighter at her sister's new apartment in Phinney Ridge (north Seattle). We gabbed and gossiped and checked out the local eateries. We initially were going to eat at the 74th Street Ale House, but it was completely packed. So, we decided to go to a nondescript Indian restaurant we had drove by earlier - Kabab House. We were a little worried when it was empty, except for one table. But it certainly smelled good. The meal was fantastic and we left stuffed. By the time we left, the restaurant was nearly full. Looks like we started a trend. Then we checked out a little neighborhood pub with a German theme, Prost. It was busy and there were no open tables, but a friendly couple asked us to join them. Seems as though the seating is communal, which was fine. We explained that the sister was new to the neighborhood and was checking out all the local bars and restaurants. They were a treasure trove of information about the area, in addition to being really friendly.

The next morning, we checked out Pete's Egg Nest, a greasy spoon, for breakfast. I was tempted by their Gyro Scramble, but thought it was a little too spicy for breakfast. I was also tempted by their Cream Cheese Strawberry French Toast, but thought that was a little too unhealthy. So, I ended up with the Farmer's Scramble - the perfect combination of veggies, eggs, and meat. Jenny didn't finish her french toast and she couldn't take them with her, so she gave me her leftovers.

She had brought me a huge bag of pinon coffee, a New Mexican specialty. It's really delicious and I can't wait to brew myself a cup. I think it will last until this June...

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