I never did get a chance to shop for new black work shoes. I'm leaning towards the Dansko's, due to my happiness with the brown pair that I have. They are quite durable, comfortable**, and don't look too bad. Today, as I was putting on my current black work loafers, they were still wet from yesterday's rain. Therefore, I am wearing my black pointy pumps. They're pretty well broken in, but I can't wear them all day. Good thing I can take them off while I work at my desk.

For my birthday, I received a couple of Nordy's gift cards which could potentially buy me some new work shoes. Here are the two I'm deciding between:

'Tara' Mary Jane

I love the heel and the sleek silhouette. The buckle detail is also unique.

'Diana' Mary Jane

This one is lower to the ground and looks really comfortable, with a rounder toe box.

I'll just have to get myself to Nordy's to try them on and let my feet decide. I know they aren't the most stylish, but durability and comfort are key here. I don't dress up for work all that much and I don't have clients to impress.

**I bought a different mary jane style, also from Nordy's. I did have them stretched a little, which helped with the comfort. I also needed to purchase Foot Petals 'Heavenly Heelz' for the back, since the leather is quite stiff and irritated me.

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