Our furnace is getting looked at today. In the meantime, I told Hubby that we should buy a space heater. A co-worker had told me that she bought some recently at Home Depot, and that they were on clearance. She had her furnace die as well.

Even though I had that in mind, we stopped at a Fred Meyer first since it's close to the house. But heaters are considered a seasonal item, and they didn't have any in the store. So we then headed off to the Depot (which is a 25 minute drive away, compared with 5 minute drive to Freddie's).

Lo an behold, a section of heaters - ALL on clearance. Some were designed for outdoor use, and we ruled those out right away. I was leaning towards the old-school radiator styles. And that's what we ended up getting. It seemed an efficient and safe option, considering my dogs will investigate any strange object on the floor. We did not want to deal with any burnt noses. Hubby decided we needed 2 of them. At $21 each, it didn't seem that much to spend. And just for added measure, Hubby wanted a smaller heater of the more traditional variety, for the bathroom. It was $9.

Indeed, this was a good time for the furnace to break, eh?

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