Yesterday or the day before, our furnace pooped out. There was a funny smell in the house, and the air would not stop blowing through the house. The heat wouldn't kick back on, and that's when we knew we had a problem.


At least it's not the coldest part of Winter, but it's still Winter and there's still a chill in the air. The worst part is waking up and having to crawl out of a nice and toasty bed into a cold and damp feeling room. And then taking a shower, and then proceeding to get dressed in cold room.

I think I shall buy a space heater today until it is fixed. Hopefully it can be fixed, because Hubby says that it could cost around $3000. Yikes!

Until then, I'm hoping for more sunshine.

UPDATE: The furnace has been looked at. It pretty much cannot be fixed. Seems as though something had burned up. We can get the heat to kick on, but have to endure strange plastic-y burn-y smell. Ick. So, we need to replace it. Good news is that one of his co-workers is going to install it for the price of beer and dinner out. And we may even get a deal on the unit itself. On the upside, furnaces these days are more energy efficient. Bad news - Hubby doesn't want to do it anytime soon, since right now, it's not an emergency. As if!


Auburn Kat said...

Having to take a shower with no heat is awful!

Yvett said...

Sorry, Michelle.

Move to Arizona! We had to turn on our air conditioning two days ago.