I wear a headband everyday....but not in public. It's more of a utilitarian piece, to keep my hair out of my face while I'm washing it.

But for a while now, headbands have been popping up in public. I snickered to myself when I saw Banana selling them last Summer, and still doing so. I used to wear headbands all the time. It worked out well during the weird "growing-out-my-bangs" hair phase. But somewhere along the line, they became unpopular. And I threw all of mine out...or they broke (in the case of my plastic ones).

Today's headbands aren't all that different, but it does seem the silhouette is much more bold and clean. For example, the black headband. And scarves in the hair is a look that I love, but hard to accomplish, due to the slippery nature of the scarf. Even with bobby-pins, the scarf will eventually fall off - it's just a matter of time. But this conundrum has been apparently solved with the help of a little elastic and a scarf covered headband that ties in the back - genius! Also, the look is paired with a ponytail, or the hair pulled back some other way. And I think that is the key. Headbands with hair worn down is not the look. With the hair pulled back, it's more subtle. And I really like it.

Doing all this research is making me want more hair accessories. This could get bad...but at least they're not really expensive.


wyn said...

I was going to ask my sister this question but you might be more accessible. =D I usually wear my hair down with a hairband and wondered if there was some trick to keeping the hair between forehead and front of hairband sleek? Over just half an hour, a hairband that doesn't have teeth will back and forth and push that hair into an unintentional pouf. Are people wearing those No-Slide grippy elastic hairbands underneath a hairband? Are they bobby-pinning their hair down somehow before they put the hairband on?

Michelle said...

I know what you mean! the headband keeps moving on you. I actually do not know. I haven't worn the non-elasticized ones in while. Perhaps using some sort of product to make the hair less slippery, like a hair gel or something. Or maybe the headbands have teeth.

Now go as your sis! :P

marc said...

There are tons of wonderful and unique hair accessories at www.andreasbeau.com.

Yvett said...

I love that they're back in too. I used to wear a lot of scarves and have not bought a few of those elastic ones. The only difference is that mine hang down. What I do is put on a little gel, comb it back then put on the headband.