I was just planning on getting a shower curtain, but instead I left with this dress - a cute seersucker number. I just love seersucker. It's also lined in cotton, so it'll make a good warm-weather dress. Too flattering to pass up.

But I was able to leave without doing much more damage.

OK, maybe Bed Bath and Beyond's my kryptonite, too...but I had permission to buy a new patio umbrella (it doesn't hurt that they're not insanely priced and with a 20% off coupon, and a little going into my Upromise account - so there.) I, however, did not get approval for buying this salt & pepper shaker set. I explained they're for the dining room table. Which Hubby replied, I hope you like them. I said, they're an heirloom piece. (But did you know that they really do have heirloom quality S&P sets?) But I do like how they're classic looking, and metal, and the dots on top say S or P.

Still on the lookout for placemats. I'm leaning towards fabric because they can be thrown in the washing machine. Also, have come up with new decorating scheme in master bath.

Previously, I was going for a black and white theme, but it didn't really fit considering that the counter is pinkish, the cabinetry is oak, and the floor is a neutral cream with pink and blue accents. So, I decided to try a modern Asian look. I got a new shower curtain that looks like rice paper (I also like that it's see through as Hubby like to sneak up on me and scare me while I'm showering). Next, I'm looking for an Asian art print that incorporates pastels (but it cannot be too flowery or girlie or else Hubby will reject it). I saw some great bamboo frames at Aaron Brothers, but I'm keeping preframed art as an option, or maybe even wall art. Then, as a final touch, buying an orchid - which should thrive on the ledge of our bathroom window. (If that fails, I also have a fake one.) At least there's no hurry on this, as I - of course - do not want to spend too much.


Yvett said...

You know how there's Dollar Stores? I call Target the Hundred Dollar Store. It seems that we go in there for one little thing and end up with much more.

wyn said...

Hey, that's a really cute dress. I've seen Isaac Mizrahi at this shop called Fairweather (it's Canadian?) and will have to look out for it!

Michelle said...

isaac stuff can be really pricey, so the line at Target was a huge deal (still is), because the stuff is crazy affordable. The stuff you saw might have been the real deal, so to speak.