I am so excited! Next month, I'm going down to Albuquerque to visit my friend Jenny for her birthday. It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment decision. I was thinking about it, and Hubby's all for it, and I was given an opportunity to fly for free. So, I took it and now I'm going.

I really like Albuquerque. It's a city that doesn't really feel like one. I've been there a couple of times and had a great time both times. Some things I'm really looking forward to:

Betty's Bath & Day Spa - We went here for a girl's day before the wedding. I had an Herbal Salt Glow that was amazing. And hanging out in the outdoor spa was a nice treat.

Garduno's Restaurant
- We had a Bachelorette Party here. The atmosphere was awesome, service excellent, margaritas a-flowin', and of course, the food was excellent. I was very happy to see that there was a location in the airport, so I had my last fix before leaving. The complimentary sopapillas were so good, I could probably live on those alone. Pass the honey, please.

Turquoise Trail - Hubby and I drove this scenic stretch, but ran out of time and couldn't make it all the way to Santa Fe. We did, however, stop in Madrid where we were welcomed by the locals. Hubby went into a coffee shop decked out in his UW gear, obviously not from around there. It's a very small town - and artist community, and we were there in the off-season. It seemed as though everyone that lived there were in this coffee shop. The owner asked a customer if he should charge him the local price. Hubby interjected, I don't mind paying the tourist rate, I'm a visitor here. They charged him the local rate, and then proceeded to discuss a little college football. During this whole exchange, I was in another shop buying handmade jewelry. So I was contributing to their local economy.

Sonic Drive-In - OK, I know this isn't that special for those of you that have them, but in Washington, there aren't any. (Though, I recently learned just now that there's one in Hillsboro, Oregon - close to our friends living down there. Woo hoo!) And we see their commercials ALL THE TIME on cable tv. If there was a way I could take their stuff home, I'm sure Hubby will ask for one of their breakfast sausages on a stick. And none of that "weak tot action".

But most of all, I'm really looking forward to seeing my friend Jenny and her husband. It's been a few months, and this time it will be just us. No distractions from her family. Woot!

Anyone else been to ABQ? I'd love to hear if anyone has any recommendations. Even though I've been there twice, I really haven't seen a lot of the city.


jae said...

Is there a Sonic in Hillsboro? I'll have to check it out. Although I'm here in Salem, OR and so I might as well be on the moon in relation to distance. We went to a Sonic when we were in AZ but figured one wouldn't work here in the NW because of the weather. Anyway, I hope you have a good time visiting your friend. ~j

Lys said...

Have a fabulous time. Also - check out CitySearch - you never know what you might find on there.

We have a Sonic here and I have yet to check it out. For as much advertising as they do, one would think they would hve more Sonics around...