I think I saw these in an ad or something, or perhaps it was recommended to me - a flossing hater, so that I knew that I wanted to buy them. When I saw them in the impulse buy section of the grocery store, by the candy and gum, I picked up a pack. And I'm glad I did.

I hate flossing. I'm not really sure why. Perhaps it's the extra time it takes, the feeling of floss tightening around my fingertips, the difficulty of flossing the back teeth. But these Floss Picks make it really easy to do. And I like the pick part. I'm still lazy about flossing my bottom front teeth where I have a permanent retainer (I have to thread the floss through under the retainer. Pain, I tell ya.) But the pick helps dislodge anything that might get stuck, usually in between the retainer and tooth. Too much info?

I'd say these simple things are much better for flossing-haters than the Hummingbird. That thing requires batteries and the refills and quite pricey.

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