Despite the super high gas prices as of late, when waking up to bright sunshine, Hubby wanted to take the dogs for a ride. Not just to the coffee stand either. To the mountains, so they could play in the snow. Or at least, the last of it.

So we packed up the kids and started driving. We ended up going to Snoqualmie Pass where the roads were completely clear and the snow was melting off the snowbanks. This was to be the last weekend of the year for the skiiers and snowboarders, and it looked like for good reason. It was just too warm. The dogs played a little, but mostly got dirty and muddy. The weather was much different up high. It was nice to get out of the house though.

On the way back, we picked up some food from the XXX Root Beer. Hubby recently discovered this place, though we drove by it a million times. Their root beer is really unique and the only place you can get it. Apparently, Coca Cola makes the syrup just for them under a long-term contract. These restaurants used to be everywhere, I heard, but now there's only a couple left in the country. A shame. And going is like going back in time. And the food is pretty good, not at all fancy or healthy, but satisfying and plentiful. I got a philly and ended up eating just half, it was way too big.

And now the weekend's over and the weather continues to tease us so. Friday was so nice, hot! Over 70! Saturday rained. Sunday started nice and sunny, then turned to rain. This morning I awoke to wind gusts against the house. And now the sun's peeking out again!

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter. The bunny brought me Girl Scout cookies and a little bit of luck. On Saturday night, we played poker with some friends and I ended up winning our little tournament. And I'm not even that good at Poker. Hurrah! (My strategy was to get all the guys to knock eachother out, which worked until then end. Then I actually had to bet a little. And then there's the luck thing...)


wyn said...

Congrats on winning the poker tournament! I hosted a poker night, too, over the weekend and was pleased that I sorta knew what I was doing when I won a hand here and there. =D Neat strategy.

Lys said...

Sounds like you had one heck of a strategy!!!