You may already know that I take regular riding lessons. I took dressage lessons for 2 years or so, then took a break. They were getting expensive, my trainer kept moving to different barns (and therefore, farther away from my home), and it was just not fun anymore. It felt as though I hit a brick wall and couldn't learn much more. It turns out it wasn't really my fault, I just needed a different teaching method.

I picked up the reins back in October at a new barn with a new trainer and a new horse. I was a little nervous at first. Somehow I believed that I wasn't very good at riding because with my old trainer, I never got past the trot. But my new trainer could see that I had a good foundation and that it was time to move forward. I may have mentioned earlier that she had me cantering during my first lesson with her. I thought she was crazy, but I had a lot of fun. She has a different approach to teaching and it works for me. It's less dressage, however, and more geared towards jumping.

It's been six months and I finally took the leap...literally. After doing exercises working on turning and riding in the jump position yesterday, she had me go over a small jump. It was about a foot high, but it was a jump. To be exact, a Swedish Oxer - two bars are crossed to form an X. It felt really good and I was feeling pretty confident. The horse, Clancy, is also a great horse to learn on. He's pretty much automatic.

Next thing you know, I'll be in the Olympics.

Okay, maybe not...but it's a start.

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