I feel like such an adult now...over the weekend we shopped and purchased matching chairs for our dining room table. They were the ones that I wanted originally, the Egon chair from Ikea. But it took a little shopping at other places to convince Hubby. He doesn't exactly like Ikea, thinking their stuff is cheap and low-quality. He does like their commercials, however.

So we shopped at other furniture stores on Saturday, and after that did Hubby see Ikea's draw - they're actually affordable. If we were looking for heirloom pieces, that would be one thing. We just want something functional and matching. And since the table came from Ikea, it made sense. And the chair was only $80, compared to over $200 at some other places.

Yesterday, Earth Day, we went back to Ikea. They were having Earth Day events with booths of information, which was interesting and informative. We picked up the chairs and Hubby put them together. During that time, I prepared this beef & shallot stew to eat at our newly completed dining table set.

The original plan was to plant a tree yesterday, but it had rained overnight and we did not want to dig in mud. So, we did the chair buying instead. We had looked at a local nursery for a cherry tree and other plants. Turns out the plant I was looking for is called Euphorbia. Surprisingly, before he got utterly bored, Hubby was drawn to some ground covers sporting purple flowers. But then again, he's a big fan of purple and gold.


MerrieB said...

I wasn't too keen on Ikea either, but our new den furniture came from there. It's all solid wood, except for the backing on the entertainment center. Overall, I'm pretty happy. That was two years ago and it's held up amazingly well.

Yvett said...

I like those. They're pretty. Also $80 per chair is a good deal.