I'm on a search for the perfect deoderant/anti-perspirant.

I've used many different brands, but haven't quite yet found the right one for me. And I've tried a lot of them. Right now, I'm using the Dove Ultimate Clear that they sell at Costco and I really like it. It's pretty good about keeping the clothes clean, like they claim. And it smells good.

Recently, not martha posted about her experiences with the new Secret Clinical Strength. I first saw this product because there was a $2 off coupon in the Sunday ad section. $2 off? Then it must cost a little bit more. (And yes it does, almost $8 at drugstore.com).

Now, from reading her post and her comments, I've come to the conclusion that everyone is different and there isn't a magic product that will help everyone. I personally am not a big sweater, unless doing something physically demanding. Odor is more my thing, but I did read somewhere that sweat will help contribute to the whole smell thing. So, keeping what little sweat I do put out is pretty important to me.

I tried to use Certain Dri, but kept forgetting to put it on at night - per the directions. And I can't put it on in the morning because the directions say not to put it on after bathing, and I shower in the morning. But it appears that there's some nugget of wisdom in the evening application.

So, I'm trying what not martha is trying, and putting the deoderant on in the morning and the evening and see how that goes. I will also be sticking with the Dove, because I have 3 more tubes of it.


kelly said...

So did you buy the Secret Clinical? What did you think of it?

Michelle said...

I haven't tried the Secret Clinical myself, since I have 4 tubes of Dove. But there's a lot of chatter about it in the Blogosphere. Read not martha's account and the comments by others who have.