I would consider myself a lazy gardener. I was really excited at first to have a planting bed. A huge one. But then reality set in....it's a lot of work to keep it looking good.

My planting bed is such a good place for plants of all kinds. That means weeds too. And it's really hard to keep them out. We do the best we can, but with the dogs it's hard to keep it nice throughout the Winter. You won't see us tending our gardens during the Winter anyway. But now that it's Spring, you can see all the bark that has been moved by the weather and our dogs. All the weeds that have taken root. And sadly, all the bare spaces.

It's getting better every year though, and I realize it's a slow process. Last year, Mom transplanted some native plants into the bed and they are thriving and growing. This year, I want to include more ground cover. Something that the dogs won't ruin easily and will keep the dirt covered and hopefully, prevent weeds from sprouting. I would say that I'd like to attract birds and butterflies to my yard, but with a bird-chasing dog, that is a bit much to ask.

This last weekend, the weather really cleared up and we were able to put more attention. I'm not sure what got the gardening bug in me, but I think it may have something to do with the sunshine and extra time. On the way home from my hair appointment, I stopped by the garden center to pick up some plants. Geraniums for my flower box in front of the main window, and Impatiens for my smaller window box in the shade. I also picked up a perennial for the flower bed - it's got lacy green leaves with white fuzz all over them. It kinda looks like a Dusty Miller, but larger. Dark purple pansies went into a small terra cotta pot. And I also bought a couple of sedum plants marketed as Stepables. Perfect! They'll get stepped on a lot - by our dogs!

I also transplanted some plants that I had in containers - Hens & Chicks and a dwarf Euonymous. There's a large lavender bush I need to transplant as well. It's in my large terra cotta pot, and I'm going to move my Japanese Maple into it. I've been growing it for almost 3 years and it's gotten so large and pretty.

And then came the real work - the weed pulling. I managed to get most of it done in the front and back. It wasn't as hard as it looked like it would be. Then Hubby mowed the lawn and put down weed-n-feed. Then continues to complain about our neighbors with the dandelion lawns.

There's more plants I'm keeping and eye out for - Coleus, Emerald & Gold Euonymous, and a plant that I think is called a Shell Plant. Then there's more mowing, weed spraying, raking, gravel spreading, etc.....

It never ends!

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Lys said...

But it will look so pretty when you are done with it!