I remember a long time ago, Bdogg wrote about these bars - Larabar. Then I see it get some good press in last month's issue of Real Simple (they praised the Cherry Pie bar).

Then I'm at Costco and I see they have a variety pack for sale. So I buy one. The three flavors in it are Apple Pie, Cherry Pie, and Chocolate Coconut Chew. So far I've only had the Apple Pie one, and it was delish.

What is most impressive is the lack of ingredients. It's like the ingredients were chosen for maximum impact, and no fillers or added sugars whatsoever. Amazing! Finally a quick and easy bar that's actually wholesome. I can't wait to try the others.


Elke said...

You HAVE to try the Cherry Pie. To DIE for... it's my fav by far.

TTQ said...

Great title on the post. We are meal bar junkies in my house, both my honey and I eat them on the go..he doesn't read nutritional labels but I won't eat anything w/o reading what's in it first..I gotta find me a box of these!

Michelle said...

Ok - I tried the other flavors that I have.

Cherry pie is really good and not that fake cherry flavor, really fresh and not stickly sweet.

Chocolate coconut was a little weird. Not a strong chocolate or coconut flavor. I tasted the nuts more than anything, but still good for food on the run.

deanna said...

I stumbled onto your blog from another blog and I really like it - I like your reviews on fashion and food. Anyway, I finally bought these Larabars and they are soo good. Thank you for featuring them!

Deanna from Cleveland, OH