An update about my big toe - Remember when I injured my toenail due to a tight ski boot?

Well, the toenail broke loose yesterday while I was at work. A new one growing in already. I was hoping that the nail hadn't separated from the nailbed, but it did. It hung on by a thread until I got to taking it off completely last night. There's just a tiny bit left that is still attached, but it's not in the way. It feels really weird and sensitive, but I'm sure it'll stiffen up a little bit. I won't bother to show a pic, it doesn't look that good. It's still bruised a little!

Prognosis is not so good - it can take a year for a new toenail to grow in completely.

But things are not completely lost - I heard they can do fake toenails like fake nails. So yay! And there is a little bit that has grown in already, I practically have a month and half down already.

I was a little bummed, and Hubby didn't understand why I wanted to get a fake toenail. I mean, sandal season is coming up! These things are important.


MerrieB said...

I've never lost a big toenail, but I have lost others. They do take a while to grow back, and though they feel weird at first you get used to it. Man, just thinking about that incident makes me cringe (when I lost the nail). It wasn't pretty and it hurt like heck.

Yvett said...

-cringing the whole time I'm reading this- YAOW! Does it hurt at all? I've never lost a toe nail. I stepped on my own toenail once and it hurt like hell, so I can't even imagine.
It makes sense that there's fake toenails. I'd never thought about it, but it makes sense.

Michelle said...

sorry! I should have put in a disclaimer.

Because the "injury" was basically repeatedly squishing my toe against the front of the ski boot, it only hurt then. That night, though, I bumped my toe in the coffee table, so that may explain why that was the only one that bruised and fell off. All my toes were hurting after that. Boots got fixed and it hasn't happened again. Taking off the nail didn't really hurt either because it wasn't attached, except for a little bit which I didn't try to remove.

I'm thinking now I'll have to stick to more neutral colors for my toenails. bummer.