Hubby: We need to paint the house this year or next year.

Me: Yeah. It really needs it.


Me: Are we going to do it ourselves, or are we going to hire people?

Hubby: I'll have someone else do it.

Me: (grins inwardly)

[After the roofing project, I think Hubby's not up to doing anything else major.]

Hubby: I like this color though.

Me: I do too. Just paint it the same color.

Hubby: Damn neighbors copied us.

Me: Huh?

Hubby: The neighbors around the corner painted their house the same color and trim.

Me: And that bothers you?

Hubby: No. Yeah. Who else has a sage green house?

Me: It's very trendy right now.

Hubby: Whatever.

Just when we thought we were done spending money. Oh boy!

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Lys said...

Its a never ending cycle. *sigh*